New Wave grants invaluable benefits, such as:


Viewing confirmation.

You can be sure that your advertisement will be seen.


Statistics information

You will get information whether your advertisement is interesting for your client. Processing the data is based on physical reactions that cannot be falsified. You will be able to modify it and save time and money for marketing researches.


Personal advertisement

AI will be able to insert an emotional trigger itself, creating personalized advertisement. For example a cat or a dog. If you like cats or dogs of course.


High-level data security

High-level security of personal data. The received information is only about the processing of personal preferences, the number and confirmation of views but without an access to personal data.

The potential platforms where the usage of
New Wave is possible:

Video services

While downloading free videos you can be sure that your advertisement will be viewed and not skipped.

News sites

On paid resources articles can be provided for free in exchange for viewing the advertisement.

Social networks

In social networks advertisement will be interesting exactly for you.

On e-commerce platforms

Better understanding of needs and desires of a potential buyer, consequently, more effective sales promotion.

New Wave goes beyond the limits,
not creates them.